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The memorial site for victims
of terrorism in the Diaspora

Remembering Together: Terrorism against the Jewish people is a phenomenon experienced by the Jewish community for hundreds of years. Jews have been murdered for their religion all over the world, from the beginning of Zionism to the present day. Thousands of women, men and children paid with their lives just for being Jewish.

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The site "Remembering Together" was established out of a commitment to perpetuate the memory of our Jewish sisters and brothers who were killed in acts of hostilities and terrorism around the world. We believe it is essential to tell the stories of the fallen, so that we could come together as a people to remember and commemorate them, and the price they paid just for being Jewish. 

The Ruderman Family Foundation is a private philanthropic organization established in 2002 in the US and managed by the Ruderman family. The foundation operates in the US and Israel to strengthen the connection between the State of Israel and the American Jewish community and promote strategic philanthropy. 

אנו עושים כמיטב יכולתנו כדי לוודא שהמידע המופיע באתר זה מדויק. אנו מתנצלים אם יש טעות במידע באתר זה. אנא יידע אותנו, ואנו נתקן אותה בהקדם האפשרי.


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