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Simon Bernice


Bernice Simon, a compassionate and nurturing individual, dedicated her life to her family, community, and profession as a nurse. Married to Sylvan Simon for 62 years, Bernice's life was a testament to enduring love and partnership, deeply rooted in shared experiences and values. The couple's life together was tragically cut short in an act of violence that shocked their community and the nation.
Bernice was known for her unwavering support and love for her children, serving not just as a mother but also as a best friend to her daughter, Michelle. Her involvement in her children's lives, from accompanying them on routine outings to preparing for family celebrations, demonstrated her dedication to family and her joy in life's simple pleasures.
Bernice's loss, alongside her husband Sylvan, during a tragic event at the Tree of Life Congregation—a place of significant personal importance, where they were married and remained active members—leaves a void in the hearts of those who knew her. However, her legacy of compassion, dedication, and love endures through her family, memories, and the impact she had on her community.

Simon Bernice
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