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Wax Melvin
Wax Melvin
Marital status
Sandra (deceased)
Jodi Kart

Wax Melvin

Melvin Wax, 88, was a beloved member of his synagogue who had a passion for sharing stories and jokes. He was known for his warm personality and his ability to make people laugh. Melvin was a father, grandfather, and great-grandfather who treasured his family. His legacy of joy and laughter lives on through them.

Wax Melvin (Age: 88). Killed in an antisemitic attack in Pittsburgh, US

Melvin Wax, an esteemed and beloved member of the New Light Congregation in Pittsburgh's Squirrel Hill neighborhood, led a life marked by devotion, generosity, and a deep-seated love for his community and family. Known for his punctuality, Wax was often the first to arrive and the last to leave the synagogue, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to his faith.
Wax, a retired accountant, was celebrated for his kindness and was a pillar of the congregation. His friend, Myron Snider, reminisced about Wax's generosity, particularly toward younger members of the community, whom he assisted with their federal income taxes without ever charging them. Wax's humor and penchant for sharing jokes, mostly clean, was a testament to his jovial and approachable nature.
Despite the loss of his wife, Sandra, in 2016, Wax continued to live a life of simplicity, focusing on the things that mattered most to him: his faith, his family, and his community. His dedication to the congregation was evident in his active participation, whether it was attending services religiously or stepping in to lead when needed. Wax's knowledge and willingness to perform various roles within the synagogue underscored his deep commitment and love for his faith.
Wax's love for his grandson, Matthew, was profound, and he cherished the time they spent together, often reflected in the photographs he kept close. A lifelong fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates, Wax's patience and loyalty to the team mirrored his approach to life, marked by perseverance and hope.
In the wake of the tragic events that took his life, Wax is remembered not just for his dedication to his congregation and faith, but also for the joy, kindness, and unwavering support he provided to those around him. His legacy lives on through his family, the memories shared by those who knew him, and the impact he had on the New Light Congregation and the wider community. Wax's life is a poignant reminder of the importance of community, faith, and the enduring strength of human kindness.

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