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Susevich De Levinson Lilian Graciela
Susevich De Levinson Lilian Graciela
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Susevich De Levinson Lilian Graciela

Graciela Susevich: A Pillar of Strength and Generosity Who Lit Up the Lives of Others

Susevich De Levinson Lilian Graciela (Age: N/A), Killed in an antisemitic attack in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Graciela was born in Buenos Aires in 1950. Her family consisted of her mother, father, older sister Diana, and younger brother Marcelo. She had a happy childhood, full of love and warmth.
Graciela married, started a family of her own, and had three children: Matías, Carolina, and Ariana. Graciela was always a present and dedicated mother. When she noticed some characteristics in her youngest daughter's development that were outside the norm, she visited doctors, geneticists, and researched health topics until she found the right diagnosis. Once she did, she made this fight her flag, giving herself generously, as she was, willing to help other families, to contain and build community, even in adversity. Smiling, sociable, and talkative, she built networks and sought to bring out the best in everyone, in order to move forward and also lighten her load, which was no small feat.
Graciela finished school, took some courses, and started working in a children's clothing store with her father, then at AMIA, and finally at the Israeli Embassy, where she worked as an administrative clerk. Her father, Carlos Susevich, became, much to his regret, one of the most visible faces of the incessant demand for justice that the families of the victims and survivors have sustained and continue to sustain to this day.
Graciela was a person who took everything on her shoulders: the house, the children, the family, the friends, the events. She was entrepreneurial and enthusiastic, she made do with little and had the gift of improving any situation with a positive attitude, one of her many qualities.
Graciela always pulled forward.
She could improvise a social gathering, using only what was in the refrigerator, just to get the family together and share a nice moment. Or make a flower with a lettuce and get a smile out of a daughter reluctant to eat it.
She could create costumes for all the children in the family, with amazing creativity. Or take out the guitar anywhere and liven up parties, campfires or karaokes, making even the stones sing, with her cheerful and lively disposition.
She could create souvenirs with few resources, cook cakes, meatballs with tomato sauce and the richest mandalaj... She could do so many things...
Sociable, dear, buddy, good friend, she knew how to listen and advise, seeking nothing more than the well-being of others. Graciela dreamed of building a home where Ariana would live peacefully in the future. She never got to see it, nor did she meet her grandchildren, nor did she know about the enormous effort her husband made to move forward with the family after her departure; nor about the selfless fight that her father Carlos gave, against the apathy of silence and oblivion, which are so similar.
Graciela is still present in the details, in the gestures, in the way of being of a new generation, which even without having known her, was marked by her passage through this world, sometimes happy and sometimes cruel.

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