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Simon Sylvan
Simon Sylvan
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Simon Bernice
Michelle Simon Weis, Marc Simon, and Martin Simon

Simon Sylvan

Sylvan Simon, 86, was a kind-hearted man who adored his wife, Bernice. They were a beloved couple in their synagogue, and their warm and welcoming nature made them cherished members of their community. Sylvan was a father, grandfather, and great-grandfather who valued his family above all else.

Simon Sylvan (Age: 86). Killed in an antisemitic attack in Pittsburgh, US

Sylvan Simon led a life marked by service, dedication, and love, both in his personal and professional endeavors. As a military veteran and a retired accountant, Sylvan demonstrated a commitment to his country and community that was paralleled only by his devotion to his family.
Married to Bernice Simon for 62 years, Sylvan's life was a profound example of partnership and mutual respect, showcasing a deep bond fortified by shared experiences, joys, and sorrows. Their life together, which began and tragically ended at the Tree of Life Congregation, symbolized not only their personal connection but also their collective involvement in their faith and community.
Sylvan was known for his jovial nature and the simple yet impactful ways he connected with his family, such as letting his granddaughter style his hair during sleepovers, and his active participation in family events and routines. His presence was a source of stability and love, deeply felt by those around him.
Sylvan's dedication to the Tree of Life Congregation, where he regularly attended services with Bernice and engaged in community activities, underscores his commitment to his faith and the importance of community in his life. His interactions within this space, from setting up for events to the conversations he cherished with fellow congregants, reflect a life lived in service to others.
In his passing, Sylvan left behind a legacy of love, service, and community engagement, embodying the values he held dear. His memory and the life he led serve as an enduring inspiration to his family and all who knew him, reminding them of the strength of familial bonds and the importance of contributing positively to the world around them.

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