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Sandler Rabbi Jonathan Refael
Sandler Rabbi Jonathan Refael
Marital status
Eva Sandler
Gabriel, Arieh, and a baby daughter

Sandler Rabbi Jonathan Refael

Rabbi Jonathan Sandler: Rabbi Sandler, a dedicated teacher and father, was tragically killed alongside his two sons in Toulouse, leaving a legacy of faith, education, and a call for peace in the wake of senseless violence.

Sandler Rabbi Jonathan Refael (Age: 30). Killed in an antisemitic attack in Toulouse, France

Rabbi Jonathan Sandler dedicated his life to the spiritual education and upliftment of the Jewish community, serving as a teacher of religion at the Ozar Hatorah Jewish School in Toulouse. Tragically, his life and the lives of his two young sons, Gabriel and Arieh, were cut short in a senseless act of violence at the very school where he imparted knowledge and faith.
Born in Paris, Rabbi Sandler was a man deeply rooted in his study of the Torah and in Jewish community outreach. His commitment to his faith led him to split his time between Israel and France, enriching Jewish communities in both countries with his wisdom and dedication. He was remembered by those who knew him as a delightful man who fostered a wonderful connection with his students and the communities he served.
In an attempt to protect his children from the attacker, Rabbi Sandler displayed profound courage, a testament to the depth of his love as a father. His wife, Eva, in her grief, highlighted Rabbi Sandler's passion for teaching children with learning disabilities, emphasizing his belief in the importance of making the Torah accessible to all.
Rabbi Sandler's loss was mourned not only by his immediate family but by the broader Jewish community, which he served with unwavering dedication. His life's work, centered on bringing people closer through faith and education, and his ultimate sacrifice, will always be remembered as a beacon of love, dedication, and community service.

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