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Saientz Mirta
Saientz Mirta
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Saientz Mirta

Mirta Saientz: A Caring Woman Who Dedicated Herself to Family and Work

Saientz Mirta (Age: N/A), Killed in an antisemitic attack in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mirta Saientz grew up in San Martín with her parents, brother, and sister, Sara. She shared a deep and lasting bond with Sara that would endure throughout her life. Mirta had a happy childhood, divided between public school and the Scholem Aleijem Jewish School, where she developed a love for the Hebrew language and the State of Israel.
In 1967, when the Six-Day War broke out, Mirta traveled to Israel and lived on a kibbutz. She wanted to be part of this historic event. While she ultimately decided not to immigrate to Israel permanently, she always held the country in high esteem.
Just days after the attack, on March 23, 1992, Mirta's mother wrote a letter to Ambassador Ithzak Shefi. Despite her immense grief, she expressed her gratitude for the opportunity Mirta had to work alongside him at an institution that filled her with so much pride. In her mother's words:
"I am writing to you (...) to thank you for helping to make my daughter Mirta's life happier during your time in Argentina. She always spoke of you as a humane, compassionate, and kind person. (...) I lost a daughter, and you lost a family, since you were all like family to her. May G-d give you health and strength for many years to come so that you can continue your work..."
Mirta was an avid reader and a curious person who was always informed about and interested in the world around her. She was a thoughtful woman who cared for everyone, from her parents and family to her colleagues. She never forgot a birthday or a commitment. She was very responsible and dedicated to her work. She was the kind of person who always carried two pens, one for herself and an extra in case someone needed it. Or, she could spontaneously design a costume for the younger members of the family, using all of her creativity and talent to make them happy.
Her sister Sara remembers her as an incredible sister, a loving and present aunt, and almost a mother to her nieces and nephews, especially Débora, who adored her and with whom she had a special bond. Mirta's greatest devotion was to her son Pablo, whom she raised alone with effort, but also with much love and joy. The most important thing in her life was to see him well, to see him grow up with interests and projects, and to have a beautiful and loving family in the future. Although she did not live to see it, Mirta's dreams came true and then some.

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