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Reisfeld Noemi Graciela
Reisfeld Noemi Graciela
Marital status
Ana Clara, Lucia

Reisfeld Noemi Graciela

Reisfeld Noemi Graciela:** Noemi Graciela Reisfeld's resilience and passion for life inspired all who knew her, leaving a legacy of strength and compassion.

Reisfeld Noemi Graciela (Age: 36). Killed in an antisemitic attack in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Noemi Graciela Reisfeld, aged 36, had a life characterized by struggle and sacrifice. At 17, because of the persecution of the last civic-military dictatorship, she was forced to leave Argentina. Upon her return in 1983, she embarked on studies to become a Social Worker, despite having two daughters, Ana Clara and Lucia, and being separated from her husband. Her resilience and immense capacity led her to graduate cum laude. She was employed as a preschool teacher at the Department of Commerce, balancing her job with selling goods freelance to make ends meet. Noemi enjoyed singing and theater, sharing these passions with her daughters. When her daughters began their elementary education, she secured a position at the AMIA Social Service Department, where she was finally receiving the opportunities she deserved. On the morning of July 18, 1994, Noemi was covering for a colleague at the office when the AMIA building was attacked by a car bomb, claiming her life and those of 84 others, and injuring over 300 individuals.

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