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Rabinowitz Jerry
Rabinowitz Jerry
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Miri Rabinowitz

Rabinowitz Jerry

Dr. Jerry Rabinowitz, 66, was a dedicated family physician who served his patients with unwavering care and kindness. His empathy and compassion endeared him to his patients, and his commitment to their well-being went beyond the clinic walls. Jerry was deeply involved in his synagogue, where he used his medical skills to assist others. He is survived by his wife and two sons.

Rabinowitz Jerry (Age: 66). Killed in an antisemitic attack in Pittsburgh, US

Dr. Jerry Rabinowitz was a family physician in Edgewood, remembered for his distinctive bow ties and a profound commitment to patient care. He treated patients like Michael Kerr, providing unwavering support during the height of the HIV crisis, even before effective treatments were available. Jerry's approach to medicine was personal, extending beyond the clinical to form deep, meaningful connections with those he served. His practice in Pittsburgh's Bloomfield neighborhood was notable for its inclusiveness, particularly his early work with AIDS patients, a testament to his courage and compassion. Jerry was also deeply involved in his community, volunteering with charities and serving on a medical ethics committee. His actions during the tragic event at the Tree of Life Congregation, where he lost his life attempting to aid the injured, underscore his selfless dedication to helping others. Jerry's legacy is celebrated through his contributions to medicine, his community, and the love he shared with his wife, Miri, and all who knew him.

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