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Mirochnik Noam Bernardo
Mirochnik Noam Bernardo
Marital status
Patricia, Fedora, Omar

Mirochnik Noam Bernardo

Mirochnik Noam Bernardo:** A dedicated family man and respected community member, Noam Bernardo Mirochnik's legacy lives on through his children Patricia, Fedora, and Omar.

Mirochnik Noam Bernardo (Age: 62). Killed in an antisemitic attack in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Naón Bernardo Mirochnik, always known as Buby, was 62 and worked as a waiter at AMIA. He had three children: Patricia, Fedora, and Omar. He was known for his hard work, kindness, and the peace he brought around the building, always with a smile and a joke. Music was his passion, especially tango, which he sang quite well and enjoyed immensely. On the morning of Monday, July 18, 1994, he started early as usual, but his routine was tragically interrupted by a car bomb at the AMIA building.

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