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Belgorosky Dora
Belgorosky Dora
Marital status
Claudia, Marisa

Belgorosky Dora

Dora Belgorosky**: "Dorita," a woman of strong character and dedication, left an indelible mark through her work and family love.

Belgorosky Dora (Age: 54). Killed in an antisemitic attack in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dora Belgorosky, affectionately known as Dorita, was a 54-year-old with a strong character working at the AMIA Job Placement Department. Known for her toughness yet affectionate nature, Dorita left a lasting impression on those around her, including her private students who came to appreciate her tenacity. Married to Salo, also an AMIA employee, and mother to Claudia and Marisa, her life revolved around her family. Having recently met her first grandson in Israel, she was in her office on July 18, 1994, when the AMIA bombing claimed her life. Salo survived, escaping from the treasurer’s office, and continued working at AMIA until his retirement.

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