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Alguea De Rodriguez Silvana
Alguea De Rodriguez Silvana
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Alguea De Rodriguez Silvana

Silvana Alguea de Rodríguez**: A dedicated social worker and loving mother, Silvana's commitment to helping others at AMIA marked her life.

Alguea De Rodriguez Silvana (Age: 28). Killed in an antisemitic attack in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Silvana Alguea de Rodríguez was 28 years old and worked as a social worker in AMIA’s Social Service Department. Her dedication was well-regarded by friends and coworkers, who appreciated her readiness to assist anyone in need. Eight months before the tragic event, she had given birth to her beautiful daughter, Gabriela, embracing motherhood with all its joys and responsibilities., was a woman who held a profound philosophy of life. She believed in the essence of living in the present and finding joy in every experience. This perspective wasn't just a fleeting thought but a deeply ingrained way of life that she passed on to her daughter. Her outlook on life was optimistic and centered around the idea of cherishing every moment. Even in her absence, her beliefs continue to resonate with her daughter, serving as a guiding light and a source of strength. Silvana's legacy is not just one of loss but also of hope, resilience, and the undying spirit of seeking happiness amidst adversity

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