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Murder of Albert Revivo (2003)
Murder of Albert Revivo (2003)
September 11, 2003
Total victims:
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Murder of Albert Revivo (2003)

1 Jew was killed in an antisemitic attack in Morocco on 9/1/2003

The murder of Albert Revivo, amid a series of attacks on Moroccan Jews, highlighted the risks of antisemitism and violent extremism within Morocco.

The brutal murder of Albert Revivo, a 55-year-old wood trader and esteemed member of the Moroccan Jewish community, on September 11, 2003, marked a harrowing escalation in antisemitic violence in Morocco. Revivo was fatally shot as he exited his store in the Lakria market of Casablanca, an act that sent shockwaves through both the local Jewish community and the wider society. This attack was not an isolated incident but part of a disturbing trend, as it occurred just days before the murder of another Jewish citizen, Eli Afriat, further intensifying fears among Moroccan Jews.

The circumstances surrounding Revivo's death initially led to speculation that it might have been related to disputes within the black market and smuggling circles prevalent in the area. However, the subsequent attack on Afriat forced a reconsideration of this theory, revealing a more sinister motive rooted in deep-seated antisemitism. These murders underscored the presence and peril of violent Islamist extremists within Morocco, intent on targeting Jews to propagate fear and sow division.

This period was marked by heightened tensions and insecurity for Morocco's Jewish population, already diminished from its mid-20th-century numbers due to mass emigration. The community, whose history in the Maghreb stretches back millennia, found itself confronting a stark reality: the very fabric of their coexistence with Muslim neighbors, often touted as a model of religious harmony, was under threat.

Revivo's murder, coming in the aftermath of the devastating Casablanca bombings in May 2003, which targeted Jewish-owned buildings among other sites, exemplified the new dangers facing Moroccan Jews. The bombings and subsequent attacks on individuals like Revivo highlighted the vulnerability of the Jewish community to extremist ideologies that had found a foothold in parts of the Muslim world.

The loss of Albert Revivo was a tragedy that resonated far beyond his immediate community, symbolizing the broader challenges of combating antisemitism and ensuring the safety of minority populations. His death, a stark reminder of the consequences of hatred and intolerance, urged both national and international communities to reflect on and reaffirm their commitment to religious coexistence and mutual respect.

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