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Marrakech Café Bombing (2011)
Marrakech Café Bombing (2011)
April 28, 2003
Total victims:
Image: picture alliance / dpa

Marrakech Café Bombing (2011)

2 Jews were killed in an antisemitic attack in Morocco on 4/28/2011

The bombing in Marrakech, killing 16, including Israeli tourists, spotlighted the global dimension of terrorism and its impact on international communities.

The Marrakech café bombing, a devastating suicide attack in Morocco, resulted in the tragic loss of 16 lives, including Israeli couple Michal and Massoud Weizman. The couple, visiting to celebrate Passover, were among those killed in the bustling heart of Marrakech's old quarter. The attack not only claimed lives but also injured many, spreading fear and sorrow across the globe. International condemnation followed, with global leaders expressing solidarity with Morocco and the victims' families. This act of terror starkly highlighted the persistent threat of extremism, leaving a lasting impact on the international community and the city known for its rich cultural heritage.

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