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Jersey City Shooting (2019)
Jersey City Shooting (2019)
December 10, 2019
Jersey City
United States
Total victims:
Photo by Bryan Anselm for The New York Times

Jersey City Shooting (2019)

2 Jews were killed in an antisemitic attack in Jersey City, US on 12/10/2019

Jersey City Shooting (2019): The Jersey City kosher market shooting, killing four, underscored the rising concern over antisemitic violence and hate crimes in the U.S.

The Jersey City shooting on December 10, 2019, was a harrowing episode of violence that specifically targeted the Jewish community, leaving an indelible mark of grief and fear. This act of terrorism not only claimed innocent lives but also heightened concerns about the rise of antisemitic violence and hate crimes in the United States.


Jersey City, a diverse urban area in New Jersey, has been home to a growing Orthodox Jewish community. The area around Martin Luther King Drive, where the attack occurred, had become increasingly populated by members of the Jewish community, who had established businesses and a synagogue there. This community, like many others across the country, sought to practice their faith and culture in peace.

Details of the Attack:

The incident unfolded at the JC Kosher Supermarket, a key establishment for the local Jewish community, providing not just groceries but a communal space. The attackers, identified as David N. Anderson and Francine Graham, were motivated by antisemitic and anti-law enforcement beliefs. They arrived at the scene in a stolen U-Haul van equipped with a pipe bomb and firearms.

The assailants began firing into the store, leading to a prolonged shootout with law enforcement. Inside the store, three bystanders tragically lost their lives. The attack lasted several hours, creating a chaotic and terrifying scene, and ended with the death of both attackers in the ensuing gun battle with the police.

Victims of the Attack:

The victims of this senseless act of violence were:

Mindy Ferencz: A 31-year-old mother and wife of the store's owner. She was managing the store at the time of the attack. Her death left the community reeling, as she was known for her kindness and dedication to her family and community.

Moshe Deutsch: A 24-year-old rabbinical student who was visiting the store. Described as a devoted and kind individual, his untimely death was a devastating loss to his family and the Jewish community at large.

Douglas Miguel Rodriguez: A 49-year-old store employee. Originally from Ecuador, he had been working in the store to support his family. His bravery during the attack was noted; he helped a customer escape, a selfless act that cost him his life.

The aftermath of the attack saw an outpouring of grief and solidarity from across Jersey City and beyond. Vigils and memorials were held in honor of the victims, and there was a renewed call to tackle the growing threat of antisemitism and hate crimes. The incident served as a painful reminder of the need for vigilance and unity against hatred, and it highlighted the importance of community resilience in the face of such tragedies.

The Jersey City shooting stands as a somber testament to the consequences of hatred and bigotry. It is a call to action for individuals and communities everywhere to work towards a world where people of all faiths can live without fear of such violence.

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